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To All Swimmers and Parents,

The year is fast coming to a close. We would love to get together and have a sausage and drink. We will be having our BBQ at Cowes Primary School Pool on Friday 12th December. (Please see attached flyer).

ALL swimmers from all nights are invited as its a great opportunity to catch up before we break for Christmas.

A sausage and drink will be supplied for all swimmers.

Please indicate your intentions on attending by replying to this email.

As a result this gathering, this will be the last session for Friday night swimmers. History has shown that as Schools have finished for the holidays, many do not attend the last session.

There will still be Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th sessions running as per normal in the last week of school.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Phillip Island Swim Club Committee

Join the  Phillip Island Aquatic Centre Fund and help secure a pool for your community.

As you are aware the Bass Coast Shire Council voted for TWO Aquatic Centres in the Shire on 21st May 2014.

Several conditions were put in place before the Phillip Island Centre could be started, come along to the AGM to hear where we propose to build the centre, and how we propose to fund the centre and how the centre could possibly look.

If you would like to be involved in finally, building the Phillip Island Aquatic Centre join our committee or become a member, you can contact the Secretary or to obtain a form to fill in, remember all Member-ships are up to be renewed for 2014 — 2015.


Phone:- 0418533256


email :-

P.O. Box 808

Cowes VIC


Hi Swimmers

A reminder that Training returns to Wonthaggi Pool this Friday 2nd May 2014.  Times have been allocated to swimmers as per directions of the coaches.

Please note that there may need to be some changes of swimmer times after the first couple of sessions, to best suit swimmers ability, lane availability and will be at the coaches discretion.

Due to limited lane space, should you not be training 2nd Term at Wonthaggi, please advise the club by return email ASAP.......

Training Fees for this term are $ 65.00 per swimmer this is due to be paid by Friday 16th May 2014. (Sibling discount of $ 10.00 applies for second child if paid by due date)

5.30 Time slot

Jade Andersen

Amelia Crooks

Gracie Dempsey

Annie Dempsey

Sarah Hawking

Jorja Newman

Coco Stafford

Regan Duffy

Shanae Riley

Thomas Niven

Seth Ringrose

Issac Ringrose

Jana McKay

Ella Duggan

Ky Kleevan

Harry Jobe

Katie Jobe

Ella Grummish

Sylvie Johnston

MacKenzie Wain

Will Taylor Eagle

6.30pm Timeslot

Akie Brown

Emily Carlson

Natalie Mehes

Stevie Hower

Nicholas Mehes

Cody Wain

Ebany McGuiness

Nina Taylor

Liam Turner

Max Newman

Finan McLaren

Sunny Lumsden

Max Stafford

Max Carpi

Balin McKay

Daisy Corbett

Poppy Corbett

Bank Details

Account Number 1227 85926

BSB 633.000


Jodie Thompson

Treasurer/Membership Officer

All Friday Night Swimmers

Just to let you know there is only 1 training session this Friday night - 4th April ( last day of term)

4.00 pm to 5.00pm

You will then break for 3 weeks & commence at Wonthaggi 2nd week of Term 2 due to Anzac Day falling on Friday 25th April.

An email will be posted prior to re-commencement with training times for 2nd term.

Have a great school & easter holidays



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Q: What kind of stroke can you use on toast?
A: BUTTER-fly!

Q: Why did the vegetarians stop swimming?
A: They didn't like meets!

Q: Why do you keep doing the backstroke?

A: I've just had lunch and don't want to swim on a full stomach.

If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

Why should you never swim on a full stomach? Because it's easier to swim in water!

When I was a child, I swam at a pool that had the sign

"Welcome to our _OOL, Notice there is no "P" in it. We'd like to keep it that way".