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Great news for Phillip Island Swimmers

Aquatic Centre motion passed at Council last night!!

Nothing will happen as soon as we would like but community support is really high, and if that is maintained then that will help.

Click the link below to read the motion as passed last night

Aquatic Centre Council motion May 2014.pdf

Regards Don

Hi Swimmers

A reminder that Training returns to Wonthaggi Pool this Friday 2nd May 2014.  Times have been allocated to swimmers as per directions of the coaches.

Please note that there may need to be some changes of swimmer times after the first couple of sessions, to best suit swimmers ability, lane availability and will be at the coaches discretion.

Due to limited lane space, should you not be training 2nd Term at Wonthaggi, please advise the club by return email ASAP.......

Training Fees for this term are $ 65.00 per swimmer this is due to be paid by Friday 16th May 2014. (Sibling discount of $ 10.00 applies for second child if paid by due date)

5.30 Time slot

Jade Andersen

Amelia Crooks

Gracie Dempsey

Annie Dempsey

Sarah Hawking

Jorja Newman

Coco Stafford

Regan Duffy

Shanae Riley

Thomas Niven

Seth Ringrose

Issac Ringrose

Jana McKay

Ella Duggan

Ky Kleevan

Harry Jobe

Katie Jobe

Ella Grummish

Sylvie Johnston

MacKenzie Wain

Will Taylor Eagle

6.30pm Timeslot

Akie Brown

Emily Carlson

Natalie Mehes

Stevie Hower

Nicholas Mehes

Cody Wain

Ebany McGuiness

Nina Taylor

Liam Turner

Max Newman

Finan McLaren

Sunny Lumsden

Max Stafford

Max Carpi

Balin McKay

Daisy Corbett

Poppy Corbett

Bank Details

Account Number 1227 85926

BSB 633.000


Jodie Thompson

Treasurer/Membership Officer

All Friday Night Swimmers

Just to let you know there is only 1 training session this Friday night - 4th April ( last day of term)

4.00 pm to 5.00pm

You will then break for 3 weeks & commence at Wonthaggi 2nd week of Term 2 due to Anzac Day falling on Friday 25th April.

An email will be posted prior to re-commencement with training times for 2nd term.

Have a great school & easter holidays



Phillip Island Swims at Wonthaggi

For Wonthaggi results click here to download Wonthaggi 2014.pdf . Please note cumulative results as well. Although total swimmers were not available for last week or this week, handicap shield winner is fairly evident - divide total points by total swimmers.

Shields will be presented next week after Freestyle, with as many families present as possible, then again the following week at Champs.



Relay Day

Hi all,


Click the link below for Relay Day results.

Relay Results 2014 (1).pdf

Congratulations to all at Wonthaggi Swim Club. 



Phillip Island Swims at Leongatha

Hi all,

For Leongatha results click this link to download Leongatha 2014.pdf

Belly, Congratulations to all concerned for another great carnival.

You may notice a slight alteration to last week's total - a Wonthaggi swimmer who came second was recorded as belonging to Korumburra. (7 off Kor, 7 added to Won).

Please let me know if you pick up anything else. The recording desk operators do a great job under pressure, but some things inevitably get missed. 

Please try to get relay team entries written out before next Sunday, with swimmers names and registration numbers. 

Don't forget that water only will be provided for timekeepers and other volunteers next week, so bring your own.



Phillip Island Swims at Korumburra

At the weekend the Phillip Island Swim Club travelled to Korumburra to race in the South Gippsland Swimming Association carnival.

Winners and place getters in Butterfly included Liam Turner, Nick Szutta, Kai Lumsden, Jess Kiley, Tayah Murdoch, Georgia Turner and Rachel Stafford.

In Backstroke, winners and place getters included Jorga Newman, Liam Turner, Kai Lumsden, Jess Kiley, Tayah Murdoch, Georgia Turner, Rachel Stafford and Nadine Newman.

Our Breaststroke ribbons went to Jaelina Kiley, Liam Turner, Kai Lumsden, Jess Kiley, Georgia Turner and Rachel Stafford.

In Freestyle, winners and place getters were Jaelina Kiley, Jorga Newman, Liam Turner, Jess Kiley, Georgia Turner and Rachel Stafford.

200 metre Individual Medley high performers were Jorga Newman, Liam Turner, Tayah Murdoch, Georgia Turner and Rachel Stafford.

The Korumburra pool is the only outdoor 50m pool in the competition, so for younger swimmers all the events are twice the usual distance. Jaelina Kiley and Jorga Newman received high praise for their swims, being two of our younger members. The Individual Medley distance was also double the usual race distance for all swimmers.

Next week we go to Leongatha, a fast indoor pool, where we will need to have a full team to beat the hosts.

Don Turner

How did you go at Korumburra?

Click the link below to download the results.

Korumburra 2014.pdf

How did you go at Phillip Island?

Click the link below to download the results.

Phillip Island  2014.pdf

Phillip Island Swim Club Wins Home Carnival

The Phillip Island Swim Club was home to some excellent performances at the Cowes Pool last Sunday, against arch-rivals Leongatha, Korumburra and Wonthaggi.

Stand-out swimmer was one of our club captains, Surrey Fisher, who won all five of his races in Boys U25 50m Fly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle and 100m Individual Medley.

Other event winners included Kai Lumsden – B U16 50m Fly and Breaststroke, Jess Kiley – G U16 50m Fly, Breast, Free and 100m IM, Georgia Turner – G U25 50m Fly, Back and 100m IM, Chris Minter – B O25 50m Fly, Back, Breast and Free, Rachel Stafford – G  O25 50m Fly, Breast, Free and 100m IM, Liam Turner – B U12 50m Breast and 100m IM, Bridget Turner – G U25 Breast and Free and Jaelina Kiley – G U8 25m Free.

Coaches were impressed by all swimmers who gave maximum effort for the club, with many younger ones improving their times from last week.

The weather was kind to all present, with plenty of warm sun. This meant our volunteers staffing the barbecue and kiosk were kept busy supplying swimmers, officials and spectators with food and drinks, with hydration a priority.

Special thanks go to our major sponsors on the day

Bakers Delight - Cowes

Phillip Island Bakery

Foodworks San Remo

all great supporters of local sport.

Next week’s carnival is at the Korumburra 50 meter pool.

How did you go at Mirboo North? Click the link below to download the results.

Mirboo North 14.pdf

Phillip Island Swim Club Season Opens

Phillip Island Swim Club opened the racing season with some high level performances last weekend, at Mirboo North.

Race winners included Taya Murdoch – Girls Under 16 Butterfly, Georgia Turner – Girls U25 Fly and Individual Medley, Bridget Turner – G U25 Breaststroke and Freestyle, Ky Kleeven – Boys U10 Breaststroke, Liam Turner – B U12 IM and Rachel Stafford – G Over 25 Fly, Breaststroke, Free and IM.

Rachel was recently appointed the club’s Carnival Coach, so her leadership extended to in and out of the pool. One of Rachel’s first duties was to announce the new Club Captains – Taya Murdoch and Surrey Fisher.

Swimmers having their first swim for the club included Shanae Riley, Ella Duggan, Sasha Berry, Mackenzie Wain and Tayla Ralphs. Some others of our younger swimmers also swam the Individual Medley for the first time, which requires great effort and determination.

The club was well represented at the Channel Challenge at San Remo last Saturday, with excellent open water swimming and running by some present and former members.

Next Sunday the club hosts our home carnival at the Cowes Primary School pool. We need all swimmers to attend training and swim on Sunday.

For more information about joining the club, e-mail us at or our webpage or like us on Facebook.


A BIG congratulations to senior club members Taya Murdoch and Surrey Fisher who have both achieved state and country swimming times!

Good Luck at the State Sprint Championships on February 8th at MSAC

To All Club Members, Parents & Coaches,

Our Carnival Season is fast approaching. The venues and dates for carnivals are listed below, as well as a lot of other information about our home carnival and other issues.  Carnivals start at 9.00am but we encourage swimmers to arrive early eg: 8.30 am so that you have plenty of time to get organised for the day and to warm up.

1.  Swimmers must train with the club to represent the club - there has been a recent rule change by the South Gippsland Swimming Association, stating that in order to compete for a club, swimmers must train with that club. This could particularly impact on the participation of younger siblings and older swimmers, who may intend to swim at carnivals but are not training with the club.  Please contact the club if this applies to you and we will try to accommodate you where possible.

2.  Our Home Carnival is Sunday 9th Feb at the Cowes Pool -   We encourage all swimmers to attend, especially beginners and new families. It's an easy carnival to get to and it will give you a taste of what it's all about.  If you are unsure about what to do, just ask your coach about it. 

3.  Jobs for the Home Carnival - as usual we have a lot of work to do in preparation for our Home Carnival, and to help it run smoothly on the day.  A jobs list will be circulated at training over the next few weeks, so if you are able to help, please put your name down.  Jobs include: cooking BBQ, canteen servers, door entry, raffle table, card runners, marshalling, making slices/cakes/sandwiches for timekeepers and officials, serving timekeepers and officials and the list goes on.

4.  Raffle Items - Could all swimmers please bring along something to training over the next couple of weeks for the raffle.  Ideas include chocolate, biscuits & wine.  Also if you have any unwanted baskets at home, we could use them for the raffle.

5.  And finally...Carnival Dates & Locations:

Feb 2 - Mirboo North

Feb 9 - Phillip Island

Feb 16 - Korumburra

Feb 23  - Leongatha

March 2 Relay Day - Mirboo North

March 16 - Wonthaggi

March 23 - Corner Inlet

March 30 - Championship Day – Leongatha

If you need any further information or would like to volunteer for particular roles, please contact the club or put your name down on the jobs roster at training.

We look forward to a fun season of swimming :)

From the Phillip Island Swim Club Committee

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Q: What kind of stroke can you use on toast?
A: BUTTER-fly!

Q: Why did the vegetarians stop swimming?
A: They didn't like meets!

Q: Why do you keep doing the backstroke?

A: I've just had lunch and don't want to swim on a full stomach.

If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

Why should you never swim on a full stomach? Because it's easier to swim in water!

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